Written by William Tomos Edwards

Has True Innovation Stalled? Peter Thiel and Robert Metcalfe debate this .


Billionaire investor, Peter Thiel, calls out scientists, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who might be culpable every chance he gets. The charge: they don’t display anywhere near the bravura rate of innovation that their institutional forefathers once did.

Being a Trumpist in Silicon Valley, Thiel needn’t look very hard to find people who disagree with him. Bill Gates has that Thiel, in his longing for science fiction inspired marvels, takes for granted just how far we have progressed in areas like smartphone technology. …

I’ve developed a theory pertaining to the resistance to COVID-19 seen in children. In this article, I will provide a concise overview of the theory.

Science journalist Anthony King has already provided a of some theories explaining why kids are making short shrift of COVID-19. I’d like to add one more to the mix:

A child’s immune system hasn’t been calibrated by years of exposure to antigens. This confers an advantage for fighting off certain novel antigens.

There is that an enhanced innate immune response early in life protects against pathogens. Crucially, Teran and colleagues found that…

If you’re antithetical to leadership why lead? (A critique of Parti Populaire)

Many of us naively thought that the People’s Party would become a credible contender when Maxime Bernier for the new faction in 2018.

In retrospect, I am reminded that it should always proceed prospect; a diligent review of the history of small government parties in the Anglo-Sphere should have prevented Bernier from forming one.

State-side, Ron Paul and his son have been trying to move federal politics in a small government direction for over 30 years. Popular support has eluded both of them and they’ve…

The cover of current editions of Marx’ seminal work Das Kapital

Andrew Yang is unstoppable. An is indisputable proof. Before Yang went on tour with dread warnings about automation to punctuate his upbeat, optimistic mission, Yuval Noah Harari did the same thing with a far more melancholic, sombre tone. Both men have some ideas about the direction that society will move in thanks to technological innovation. Empirical evidence and centuries of scholarship have a few things to say on the topic as well.

21 lessons for the 21st Century made great waves throughout its seventeenth year. Bill Gates has said it’s

Their suit is suitably understated; no sheen or gloss. The solid, matte, navy-blue blazer is bespoke nonetheless. There’s a sense that the Manhattan-based tailor wove a magical strand in that is eternally connected with all the highest offices on that island. This man’s face betrays little of anything other than a curious glint in calm dark eyes -like pearls set against ancient grey stone- and of course the hint of a smile.

Across from them sits someone who sincerely trusts their instincts. Their demeanor radiates earnestness. This is someone who reaches and wonders without mistaking eternal questions for answers. …

A frozen Lake Baikal. About 20% of the world’s fresh water is contained here.

Flying above the Russian Siberian permafrost, one sees winding rivers that make their way through plains and forests, and these are scarred by crevices, mountains and rocky outcrops. Further south is a sea of blonde, flaxen, olive, and sepia, stretching across worlds from Manchuria to Moldova; the Eurasian Steppe. As the sun goes behind the Ural Mountains the amber light of dusk takes hold of this land of explorers, nomads, herders and spiritual rites far older than Christianity or Islam.

Astolphe De Custine did not get a chance to take any of that in when he made his journey through…

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